Specialised in all fields

Specifically for our customers we develop and manufacture high quality elastomer devices as individual parts or as multi-component constructions - for all industrial branches.

Experience is our strength

With pleasure we develop new ways with you and proof the broad range of our abilities in silicone processing. We provide optimal consulting along the entire value chain.

Medical technology

We achieve the highest standards of cleanliness, medical tolerance, permanent elasticity, product traceability, separability and environmental safety with the use of liquid silicone. The primary focus is on cleanroom production.


Cold flexibility, recoverability, electrical insulation, high resistance to ageing, as well as temperature, chemical, UV and ozone resistance are only few of the many properties underlying a consequent quality control. In this industry, liquid silicone is an all-purpose material that combines all those properties.

Food industry

Silicone is the basis for products with sophisticated properties for a broad range of applications. It has no taste and odour, is temperature and ageing resistant, elastic and environmentally safe. Additionally, it enables the manufacturing of clean and residue-free products.

Electronical industry

Even at high temperature fluctuations our elastomer devices daily proof their dielectric strength, insulation, chemical and thermal resistance, as well as their sealing function and resilience.

Sanitary and household sector

Sealing and insulation functions, resistance to hot water, permanent elasticity, resilience and additionally high standards for haptic and design - These requirements must be met by elastomer devices for sanitary and household purposes. Due to the self-cleaning properties, we manufacture silicones with two-component injection moulding for your sector.

Mechanical engineering

Whether permanent temperature resistance in the positive or negative ranges, high acoustic absorption, ageing resistance, excellent friction coefficients or accuracy of the devices - Liquid silicone is the right choice when you focus on these properties.

  • silicone re-breathing bag for anesthesia
    Silicone breathing-bag
  • silicone-balloons
    Silicone balloons
  • gasket seals out of silicone
    Gasket seals
  • silicone balloons
    Silicone balloons
  • syringes and silicone pistons
    Syringe and silicone piston
  • silicone re-breating bags
    Silicone breathing masks
  • silionce sction cups for EKG
    Silicone suction cup
  • silione mouthpieces
    Silicone mouthpiece for breathing masks
  • silione gastik band for surgery
    Silicone gastric band
  • silicone de-coupling rings for sensors
    Silicone de-coupling rings
  • silicone conductor seals for cars
    Silicone single conductor seal
  • silicone bellows for anesthetic machine
    Silicone bellows
  • silicone moulded parts for different purposes
    Silicone moulded parts
  • silicone bend reliefs for cabels
    Silicone bend relief
  • silicone earpads for headphones
    Silicone earpads
  • plug seals out of liquid silicone rubber
    Silicone plug seal
  • gasket seals out of liquid silicone rubber
    Gasket seal from liquid silicone
  • lip seals from liquid silicone for automotice
    Lip seal from liquid silicone
  • silicone keypad for medical devices
    Silicone keypad
  • silicone turning nobs
    Silicone turning knob
  • silicone armlet for watch
    Silicone armlet
  • silicone membranes automotive
    Silicone membrane
  • silicone membranes medical devices
    Silicone membrane